Well-made science communication content are scattered through the web. If one wants to prepare for a presentation, either for outreach and even for writing a scientific article for whatever level, it takes time to go through the internet to look for the best sources for us to find “the right words”, “the right images” or the right video to explain a concept with a sense of satisfaction and clarity in the end. The “Particle Silo” project aims to facilitate this process by providing an agile, personalizable, and shareable content aggregator that is intuitive to use for science communicators and learners across different levels.

Check out our Figma Prototype here!

While the initial project will focus on the Particle Physics ecosystem, our goal is to expand the project across different fields and to communicate the idea that science and learning shouldn’t be so “siloed” from one another. It is also envisioned to be a tool for students who want to keep tabs on what excites science communicators and also as a learning tool to organize information in the web.

Contributing to Particle Silo

How Can I Contribute?

Particle Silo is in the initial stages of development. We are in need of contributors to make the idea come alive!

We have several issues in the repository:

Feel free to contact us ( to understand more about the issues.

Other ways to contribute:

Contribution-Development Getting Started

To get started and have a local version of the website on your PC, please install Node.js and npm. Once you have npm installed, install yarn. You can use the yarn scripts available in this README. For example, do

brew install yarn

for MAC

yarn install

yarn build

to build the app for deployment

yarn start

to run the app in development mode which you can view in your browser